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  My name is Mr. Zakary, and I'm so excited to be in China working with your wonderful kids. I'm from Iowa, which is right in the middle of the USA. There's lots of corn there, and there are more pigs than people in the whole state! I love to sing and dance, and I can do a very impressive cartwheel. My favorite food is my mom's homemade tuna noodle casserole, but since coming to China, I found out that I love ma la tang! Blue is my favorite color and I really like strawberries. Thanks for reading my bio, and thanks for checking out Romp n' Roll! Following is a poem written by myself.


  I may have a beard.

  And my arms are quite hairy.

  But I'm not a monster.

  And only a little bit scary.

  I come from Meiguo.

  To teach little kids.

  I love Romp n' Roll.

  It's the best in the biz.

  I can jump very high.

  And sing very loud.

  If you like to have fun.

  Pick me out of the crowd.

  The kids here are the best.

  They're all full of giggles.

  You all make me want to stand up .

  And shake out my wiggles!

  I hope you come join us.

  For play and for art.

  There's so much to do here .

  You won't know where to start!


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